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Mostly draw NSFW works. Personally like drawing old school anime/games (80s/90s), furries and cartoons.


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Posted by NiNoEros - December 12th, 2018

Commission Pricee (OPEN)

$15 for a sketch (For OCS and Fan art). Price might go up if the character is too complex/detail)

  •  $10 to $15 or up for inking (Free single color shading if you want)
  • $20 to $25+ or up for Colors (Depending on the subject. MIGHT reduce the price a little if its simple enough for ME)
  • $10+ to $15 or up for Extra Characters (Depending on the designs)
  • $15+ to $20 or up for backgrounds (Depends on the subject.)
NOTE- There will be some fan arts I will not draw, plus I will not draw real people. Actors playing as characters?...Maybe. 
To give you a vague idea of what characters I could draw, I made a mini list. Kinda a guild line. You don't need to pick these characters at all mind you, but this is just a basic idea.

Comic Commission (NOT OPEN)

$65 (For a page). Includes


4 to 6 panels

Basic backgrounds/objects

1 extra character

Extra panels will cost $15+ more.

Extra character will cost $15+ more


$10-Ink+sketch (Starting Price) (For Fan arts and OCs)

$3 to $5+ for anons (Depends) and if extra details

$10+ or more for additional characters (Depends)

$10+ or more for backgrounds 

Price setup

Had few people asked how the price sets works. To give you a basic idea: You want me to Draw Sonic running

-For a sketch it'll be $15

-For a ink piece, it'll be $20 (Since he's a simple design)

-For a ink+Color piece, it will be $30 (again, he's a simple design)

Now lets say you want to keep the ink+color, but you want me to give me an outfit

-Lets say a sweater, it'll be $5 extra to the $30 = $35

-Lets say you want him in his knight armor, that will be $20 extra to the $30= $50

The more complex/extra details/work the order is, the higher the price will be. But again, it depends on my skill level and the order.

Contents (NSFW)

Surprise-surprise, 90% what I draw is NSFW. Just because I draw NSFW content DOESN'T MEAN I'M OPEN FOR ANY NSFW CONTENT. To avoid this I made a list on content I will and will not draw


  • Yuri
  • groups
  • Non-con (Mid-level)
  • loli/shota (Depends on the character, though)
  • furry
  • incest (Mostly motherxdaughter)
  • Rough-Play (Mid-level)
  • NTR (Mid-level)


  • Perg/Birth
  • No scat/water sport
  • no real people
  • Underwater

If you have any questions, ASK PLEASE! Don't assume things, and don't sell me your ideas. I have a right to refuse the offer.

Work progress

  • My work progress is a bit slow. Since work on few styles, it takes me a bit to adjust my works. I use Design Doll , SketchUp, Blender and Xps/xna Models for my setups, and Purerefs for my ref sheets. 
  • When it comes to commissions I only accept FULL payment first. No half now and later deals, and no big add-on payments. 
  • Once I get payment, you'll be on a waiting list. Depends on the commission and waiting list, you might need to wait either a week or so till I start yours. So once I get to yours, depending on the commission, it'll take me a best 3 to 7+ days to finish the commission. Pretty much once you see the rough sketches, you will be getting your commission soon.
  • I'll be sending you thumbnails/3D model of your commission. Once I get your approval than I'll work on the sketch. Once I get to the sketch, it be the last time to change any little detail. After the sketch I'll work on finishing up the commission. 
  • Make sure you know what kind of commission you want. I will not work with vague information, last second info, miss leading info and ref, nor build a commission without any refs. 
  • Any last second info, such as panels, sets, etc, will cost extra, could be from $10 to $30+, depending on the info. I suggest making sure you know what you want.


Styles and Content

My style tends to fall into the 80s/90s cartoon like anime style, and loose cartoon style. For example I like DBZ, OK-KO, Sonic, Street Fighter, One Piece, and 90s Disney/WB cartoons. 

Yes, I can adjust my style a little to be on model, but I suggest not asking me to be DEAD-On with the model of some styles. For example, if you want me to draw your OC close to O.K-Ko style a bit, sure, I can do that. But, lets say you want me to draw your OC with a Ok-OK style, and DBZ, and My Hero, and etc, etc, etc; thats not gonna happen. If you want to know what styles I am alright with, I suggest asking. Cause I do flip my style A LOT. 

  • To give you a vauge idea with the proportion on the anatomy scale: 4 heads to 6 (1/2) heads tall. I rarely draw characters thats under 3 heads tall, unless they are a chibi, super cartoon like, or a Sonic character, and pass 6 1/2 heads tall, unless they are a One Piece/Lupin character.  I tend to struggle a bit when the characters are too short or too tall.
  • If you ask for a Chibi-like commission, I tend to look at Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix   as a refs. 
  • There will be times I will create own versions of that character if I'm struggling with the design. If that does happen I have 3 styles I tend to work off with. 
  • -​anime like 
  • (Mostly old school 80s/90s style, with a mix of cartoon like feel. Examples: Tenchi, Street Fighter, Ranma, Pokemon, Old DBZ, etc)
  • -Cartoon like
  • (I personally like the 90s WB cartoon and some 90s Dinesy stuf, but cartoon like style I can handle. Example: Steven Universes, Adventure Time, Ok-Ko, etc)
  • -Mix like
  • To me a mix style is something like Mario games, Kaiji, One Piece, Dragon Ball, etc
  • You suggest which style like them, cartoon/anime/mix, you want, I will send yea few head-shots on the design, maybe body types too, and you can pick which one you like. 

I suggest asking me personally of what kind of commission you want first. Even though I mostly draw NSFW content, there are few stuff I will not draw.  

If you have any questions ask.  

If you want a commission from me, email me at ninocommissions@yahoo.com

Make sure you title the subject either as SFW or NSFW, with info and refs.  No half now and later, FULL PAYMENT.